5 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Life

Updated: May 25, 2019

Step One: Forgive Yourself.

We live on guilt, let's just admit it. It's great to have a conscious, and I talk about it a lot in my articles, but there should be a healthy balance between knowing you're being rude to someone and stopping the overthinking of "did I harm this person, are they ok"? Find it in yourself to be forgiven. At the end of the day we need to realize the most important person we need to be forgiven by, is ourselves. Below I explain some examples of how you can build yourself to be confident in your actions, stop overthinking, and actually take back control of your daily life.

Step Two: Take a Deep Breath.

Take a deep breath. Before you can start your journey to a happy lifestyle, you need to take a big deep breath and let out alllll your feelings, emotions, stresses, and thoughts. Stop thinking about what's happening at work, stop worrying about your family and most importantly, stop thinking everything is going to hit the fan if you take a step back.

Done...? Feels good, doesn't it! Sometimes we forget that if we overwork our bodies and brains, the people we've been helping all along, will end up having to fully take care of us. Stress causes many illnesses and can actually create non-reversible damage to our bodies! This is really important, and one way to effectively stop the cycle is to take a deep breath, step back, and plan your life in a way where you are confident taking breaks won't stop the process.

Life is a never-ending journey. From our interactions at the grocery store, to having dinner with our families. If we don't make it a priority to stop and digest it all, we won't ever be able to appreciate human interaction. This in itself is human therapy. Don't get me wrong, some people have already figured this out. Have you ever met someone who rambles on and keeps going, even though they know you're not interested in the conversation? This is because they are using that moment to balance whatever it is that is going on in their life. What's surprising is that they're not totally on the wrong track. We have to find a balance, but if we had to choose, we should always choose to conversate with one another, rather than turning the other cheek. When you turn the other cheek, you are slowly harming and isolating yourself. We all know, deep down, that we would love to share our days and ideas with other people. Whether it's with family, best friends, coworkers, ect. Take these opportunities to listen and be heard on what others are doing in their daily lives.

“Life is a never-ending journey.”

Step Three: Make a Plan

If you are the type of person that gets overworked and freaks out when there's planning involved, don't worry. I will explain a way that is fail-proof and easy to follow. If you would like additional coaching, you can reserve an opening by clicking the coaching tab and choosing the service that best fits your needs.

So, it's Sunday evening, you're off work and most likely sitting around with no plans. I don't say this to shame anyone, I say this because that's what we mostly do, but never admit. Getting serious about life and taking control of it might be a scary thing at first, but I have a easy way to trick your mind into believing it's really no big deal. In the end, when you aren't living your best life, there are no sympathy points. It's the same both ways. If you are living a great life and actually, truly, happy, then no one is going to reap those benefits but you. So this is all on how much you really want to change for the better, or if you truly think being the 'victim' is going to equal to a get-out-of-jail card.

An easy way to start is by slowly changing your bad habits. Things that take up time and are not bringing you money, benefits your mind or making you a better person, are not going to bring you any satisfaction. We get true happiness when we feel like we have accomplished something that actually took some effort to achieve.

Start by simply making a list of what you are currently doing as far as a career, hobbies, the type of friends you might have. Now, make another list of the the same categories but in which you would rather have. For example, career opportunities you would rather pursue. It's never too late to start the career you have always dreamt of. In the end, you should be looking forward to going to work everyday! It can be something completely different or maybe even a promotion at your current job.The most important thing is to realize that you want to change, the second is to know that change is truly possible, and is just around the corner.

Now think about what hobbies you currently have. Hobbies are important to be able to relax the brain and relieve stress, so you can do better on days you really need to focus. Find something that you can spend time on and really enjoy. Whether it's horseback riding, pottery, gym, ect, these hobbies will balance your brain and should not require too much focus.

Something i've come to realize that's really important, is the forgiveness of yourself to let go of the friends that aren't growing with you. The fact of life, is that many people close to you will take different routes. You have to come to the realization that you are in control of no one and can only work on benefiting your own life. What I mean by this is, as much as you wish for someone to succeed, you cannot put in the work for them. If they are not aiming to work on themselves, then you are not able to have those great conversations that will support you in becoming a better person. The truth of the matter is there are people who will motivate you, and people who will envy you for knowing what you want. I have dealt with both, and have had to let go of anyone who didn't feel truly happy for me when I succeeded. There is an unlimited potential of success and it is accessible to anyone and everyone - but it is attainable only to those who wish to grab it. Don't stick around to pull someone up if he/she is not even looking in that direction. Only help those who are seeking a higher level, and this takes practice and discipline.

Step Four: Make a Change

If you don't like the career you're currently pursuing, try to find something you enjoy and still use the experience you have under your belt to get you where you want to go. We live in a day and age where truly anything is possible, you just have to want it bad enough. You can make your hobby your source of income if you put enough work and effort into making it a business, and same goes for finding a new job that you absolutely love. Keep your standards high and start off by always being direct with what you want.

Step Five: Are You Ready?

Living a purposeful life begins from within. You won't be truly happy if you have bad habits, so start to think of what you can improve and slowly start planting your seeds to better them, step by step. Taking action is the bold step required to take you from craving a better life, to actually having one. Remember, there are no excuses! If you do daily steps that work towards your goal, you will feel much more satisfied knowing you are at least heading in the right direction. It will be a chain reaction to the other parts of your life, which will make you worry less, enjoy more in-the-now moments , and help you take back control of your life.

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